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In his latest book, An Animal Shelter's Guide to Board Governance, Tim Crum tackles one of the more misunderstood and confusing subjects in the nonprofit animal sheltering world - board governance.  In plain language, and backed by decades of work with nonprofit animal shelter boards across the country, Tim reveals the very reasons why nonprofit boards are struggling with their roles and responsibilities - and how nonprofit boards can make simple systematic and structural changes to maximize the efficacy of its board.

An essential resource for both new and experienced board members, as well as executive directors, An Animal Shelter's Guide to Board Governance provides real-world guidance to help board members understand the importance of their position relative to the mission and future of a nonprofit animal sheltering organization.  The book also provides a variety of samples to kick start board efforts that will elevate board governance to a whole new level. 

ISBN: 978-0-9861690-0-7

Pages: 104

​Year of Publication: 2015

Publisher: Shark Press Publishing


“Tim's depth of experience in the animal welfare industry results in this book being a go-to manual for improving your Board of Directors. Key processes and policies for a Board are well outlined, and the sample documents are invaluable, giving organizations an immediate starting point from ground zero. Even for non-profits with strong Board policies and processes in place, there are numerous "gems" throughout the book that will make your organization - and board - stronger."

Linda Norman

Board President

Humane Society of Flower Mound

Flower Mound, TX

" I think Tim Crum is one of the thought leaders in the animal sheltering industry. I love everything he does and respect his work immensely. I highly recommend his latest book to any person working or volunteering in this field." 

Elizabeth Rubin
Adopt A Rescue Pet
Las Vegas, NV

"One thing we are all short on in animal sheltering is TIME!  I know that Tim's new book is a time-lifesaver for humane organizations small and large.  It has all of the practical forms and step-by-step guidance you need to ensure that your Board of Directors is soundly organized and operating smoothly.  I hope that every non-profit animal welfare group picks up this book, reads it, and keeps it within easy reach!"

Linda Reider
Director of Statewide Initiatives

Michigan Humane Society

Detroit, MI

Tim Crum has again delivered an indispensable resource for the animal welfare industry with An Animal Shelter's Guide to Board Governance. Organizations in our industry often suffer due to well-intentioned leadership without clear, common goals. This book directly addresses specific problems and provides realistic answers so that shelters, with the help of their board members, can make positive changes toward their missions. I recommend anyone serving on a board in an animal shelter read this book; there's information vital for all of us, no matter how seasoned we may think we are! “

  Bob Citrullo

  Executive Director

  Humane Educational Society

  Chattanooga, TN