ISBN:  978-0-9861690-1-4

Pages: 100

​Year of Publication: 2016

Publisher: Shark Press Publishing


“Tim Crum’s, An Animal Shelter's Guide to Capital Campaigns is a must -have handbook for any group planning to expand or build a new shelter. The 5 phase program provides a simple approach to the complex work of planning and running a capital campaign. Pragmatic, common sense advice that uncovers the pitfalls many groups encounter, it helps to identify shortcomings and provides suggestions on how to succeed.   Take shortcuts at your own risk.  This book enhances the wealth of knowledge and experience presented in Tim’s earlier publications, An Animal Shelter’s Guide to Fundraising and An Animal Shelter’s Guide to Board Governance.  Every board member or person considering a board position for an animal shelter organization should invest in themselves, their organization and their communities by purchasing, reading and using the indispensable information in all these books and putting the wisdom to work. “

     Terri Collins, Treasurer
     Humane Society of Midland County 

     Midland, Michigan

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“An Animal Shelter’s Guide to Preparing for a Capital Campaign is an outstanding resource for rescues or shelters thinking about conducting a successful capital campaign.  From assessing the strength of your Board to ensuring your Executive Director has the skill set to support a big campaign, Tim’s book takes you through all the steps – even providing helpful exercises – to evaluate and plan a successful capital campaign. One real eye-opener is learning that these campaigns involve several “years” of planning and execution.  Something to be mindful of as you think about your shelter’s future.”

     Judith Pierce, Chapter Advisor
     San Diego House Rabbit Society (San Diego, CA)

 San Luis Obispo, CA

​“The field-tested advice and specialized insight that Tim Crum provides in An Animal Shelter’s Guide to Capital Campaigns will undoubtedly be of extraordinary value to any organization with a capital campaign in their future. In this easy to follow guide, Tim marvelously illustrates how evaluating more than just fundraising practices is necessary during the preparation for and execution of a capital campaign.  He provides a comprehensive outline of the areas that should be assessed as well as a variety of exercises designed specifically to help organizations truly and fully prepare for and meet the challenges of a capital campaign with confidence.  I do not believe that a clearer path to a successful capital campaign could have been laid out by anyone. The animal sheltering community is lucky to have such an experienced leader sharing the gift of his guidance in books that the wisest among us will be pulling off the shelf time and time again.”

Angela Marzec, Animal Care Representative
Alamo Heights Animal Care Services
Alamo Heights, TX


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Author: Tim Crum





In the third installment of his Animal Shelter Guide To series, Tim Crum takes up one of the more challenging elements of fundraising - capital campaigns.

This hands-on book shares the stages,traits and even practices for successful structure of a capital campaign then shows you how to evaluate and prepare your animal shelter to embark on a successful capital campaign.

“Tim Crum’s latest book, An Animal Shelter’s Guide to Capital Campaigns, is a must-read for any shelter thinking about launching a capital campaign.  The book provides an overview of Tim’s proven approach to conducting a capital campaign.  Our animal shelter has followed much of what the book recommends (we are only part way through our campaign).  The book’s methodology gave us a more realistic concept of what it will take to raise the money we need for our project. It is not enough to have good intentions—shelters like ours need to approach the campaign in a serious, professional manner in order to succeed.  Tim’s book tells you exactly how to do that. The book is easy to read and full of practical wisdom.  I would definitely recommend Tim’s latest book (as well as his other two) to any animal shelter that may be considering a capital campaign.

     Ken Markert, Board President
     Park County Animal Shelter

     ​Cody, WY