ISBN: 978-0-986-16902-1

Pages: 92

​Year of Publication: 2017

Publisher: Shark Press Publishing

2nd edition now available

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“This is truly a great book for people who want to "get there from here."

Ruth Steinberger


Spay First

Oklahoma City, OK      

Julie Duke

Executive Director

Pedigree Foundation

Nashville, TN

“Any shelter or rescue

organization looking for expert guidance on setting up a successful fundraising program need look no further. Tim Crum’s passion for animal welfare and his experience as a successful fundraiser in the shelter world makes him the perfect guide.  Having a well-organized plan is half the battle to raising all the money your organization needs and Tim helps you develop the plan that is right for you. Then he leads you through all the required steps and helps you understand the importance of each exercise you complete.  Along the way, you’re building your campaign.  Get started!  There’s money to be raised!”

Tim Crum's book strikes the perfect balance between providing you just enough detail required to put your fundraising plan together without overwhelming those who may not have a fundraising background.   I would recommend this book as a recipe for building sustainable funding.”

Suzanne Auckerman


Cat's Cradle of the Shenandoah Valley

Harrisonburg, VA        

Tim has created an easy to understand, how-to guide to help fundraisers at any level raise funds for animals in need. This is a must-have guide for animal welfare organizations, large or small. “

Nadine Walmsley

Non profit Fundraising Professional

Chicago, IL           

"Tim’s book does a great job of guiding the reader through the thought process involved in planning for a successful fundraising campaign."

Jaydeen Vincente

Founder and Board Member

Animal Shelter to Riverbank & Oakdale Foundation

Oakdale, CA      

"To think of all the time and effort I could have saved if I’d had this book years ago! Tim Crum has successfully compiled years of experience and know-how into an easy-to-understand guide on one of the most daunting tasks of running a nonprofit organization to help the animals. Creating a well-organized plan to raise funds is critical to ensuring you can serve the animals in your community for now and years to come. This book is a “must read” for any animal welfare professional or volunteer tasked with raising dollars.” 

Jill Tucker
Executive Director
Woods Humane Society
San Luis Obispo, CA

"Finally!  We know we have to do it, but how to do it has always been the hard part until now.  An Animals Shelter's Guide to Fundraising provides the what, where, when, who and how to fundraising.  As you read, Tim carefully guides you through the preparation of several important exercises.  If you complete the exercises as you read, when you are finished you have a workable plan, designed for your organization, and can immediately put what you learned to work.  It's the perfect guidebook for the busy board member, volunteer or anyone looking to raise more funds for an animal shelter."

Kathleen Toth, Esq.
Board Member
Friends of Animals Utah
Park City, UT

Tim is one of the few top professionals who can “do” and “teach”.   This book is for anyone who does or plans on doing any fundraising.  Whether you are just beginning or you have been doing it for a while, there is something to learn for everyone.  This is the best and most complete book I have read on fundraising as it walks you through from start to finish.  I especially love the “activity stars”, if you stop and do each activity not only will you have a fundraising plan at the end but equally important is that you will know more about your organization and your donors.   Opening a nonprofit where you exist on donations and grants 100% is quite a leap - since reading this book our organization has begun to implement its lessons and we are more confident than ever that we will reach our goals. “

  Katherine Johnson

  President / Founder

  Friends for Animals Sanctuary, Inc.

  Melbourne, FL





If you have the responsibility of raising funds for your nonprofit animal welfare organization, this is the book for you!  An Animal Shelter's Guide to Fundraising is written by one of the leading authorities on fundraising in the animal welfare industry.  This "how-to" guide puts you on a clear path, from start to sustainability.  This book will teach you how to identify the best funding sources and help you decide where to invest your time and energy.  It will help create an integrated fundraising plan that maximizes your fundraising revenue.  The information and resources provided in this book will equip you with the know-how, and confidence, to raise money for your animal shelter or rescue group.

ISBN: 978-0-692-25521-6

Pages: 99

​Year of Publication: 2014

Publisher: Shark Press Publishing

1st edition no longer available